TEI Rock Drill Mast Hire

Our TEI MME250R drill mast with ACF10 feed and TE250H hydraulic drifter head is a compact and powerful remote control detachable rock drilling mast for 5 to 10 tonne excavators.


For installing soil nails to stabilise retaining walls or embankments.

Mechanical earth anchors for structural support of buildings and structures.


We can supply the TEI MME250R rock drilling mast and any required accessories at extremely competitive hire rates throughout the UK.


Rigs, Accessories and Associated Plant can be collected using your own transport, or delivered nationwide.


Please call us on 0161 622 1169 to discuss your requirements.


MME250R Hole Size  70mm to 102mm

MME250R System Flow and Pressure  69 LPM @ 172 BAR

ACF10 Drill Length  4.1 meters

ACF10 Travel  3.2 meters

ACF10 Pullback  680 kgs

Approximate Drill Tool Weight  488 kgs



Manufacturers spec sheet:

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