Hydra Joy 2 Rig Hire

The Hydra Joy 2 Solar Piling Rig is a slightly larger solar specific pile driving rig designed for installing or removing c-section piles for solar farms or Armco barriers. At 2600kg it’s larger track frame ensures it is highly capable even in difficult conditions, yet still compact enough to allow access to restricted sites.


Hydra joy 1 & 2 solar piling machines are regularly used for major Armco road safety barrier works and pv solar farm installations. The machine can also install fence posts, with extreme accuracy due to and speed in any ground conditions. The rig is utilised for all sectors that require the driving and screwing, the extraction of iron and wooden piles, and other systems of anchorage.


The Hydra Joy 2 Solar Piling machine’s main advantage is its ease of use in driving piles. The pile is not only driven using the energy of the hammer strike, the pile is driven faster thanks to the drive created through the hammer ascent and descent gear motor (upwards of 1500 kg).
For operator safety and ease of use control levers are applied on the lateral side of the column. This allows the operator to move and position the machine outside the old barrier, correctly positioning the post, enabling swift and effective pile and post implementation.

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